Aktuelle Regelung: Freiwilliges tragen einer Maske

Beim Bewegen durch die Räume und da wo der Abstand geringer ist (z.B. am Regietisch), kanne es sinnvoll sein, Mund und Nase mit einer FFP2- oder OP-Maske zu bedecken.

Stand: Januar 2023


Please wear a FFP2-mask


Observe hand hygiene


Keep distance

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Frequent ventilation

Mouth / nose covering (FFP2)

If you are not far away and moving through the rooms, please cover your mouth and nose with an FFP2 mask, as we do.

Hand hygiene

Pathogens cannot be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, you should wash your hands regularly. You are also welcome to use our disinfectant dispenser.

Keep distance

Maintain a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people.


When we say hello, we don't shake hands, as much as we would like. The "elbow check" has proven to be an adequate greeting gesture.


Use our provided disinfectants. We disinfect contact surfaces immediately before and after use.

Fresh air

The number of pathogens can increase significantly in closed rooms, which is why we pay attention to frequent ventilation.

Are you feeling sick?

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection such as cough, runny nose or fever, please stay at home.

Verhalten bei Krankheitszeichen

Thank you!

With these and the following measures you can help to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases - including a COVID19 virus infection.

We are looking forward to your visit. :o)

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