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Remote Recording

For several years we have been working with SessionLinkPRO - a professional, browser-based far-end recording solution that enables bidirectional audio transmissions in studio quality and with low latency. Also ideal for recordings with high security requirements.

Especially in the current situation, it makes sense to make recordings without contact. But the quality shouldn't suffer. We have very good experiences with our Remote Recording Setup.


  • direct audio connectionfrom end-to-end
  • no caching of the transmitted data
  • encrypted transmission through HTTPS and DTLS

This is how SessionLink works

  • Please use LAN - avoid WiFi

    If possible, connect the computer to the Internet using a network cable and avoid connecting via wifi

  • Chrome-Browser

    Open the SessionLink that you received from us in your Chrome browser (required! Download here)

  • Kopfhörer

    Bitte benutzen Sie Kopfhörer, damit wir keine Echos hören

  • Allow microphone access

    Allow the browser app to access your microphone and then enter a freely selectable name

  • Select audio device

    If the default settings do not work, select the audio device to which your microphone is connected in "Audio Settings" under [Input > Device] and under [Output > Device] the audio device your headphones are connected to

  • Functional test

    Use the [Test loop] to test your audio equipment - if you've listened to the instructions and your recording, everything is working as intended

  • Connect

    Now enter your name (freely selectable) and then click on [Start] to connect to the session

compatible browsers:

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What browsers does SessionLinkPRO work with?2021-02-15T19:08:45+01:00

SessionLinkPRO works with recent versions of Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Yandex. However, Google Chrome is recommended as SessionLinkPRO generates the lowest CPU load on Google Chrome.

My audio interface is not showing up in SessionLinkPRO!2021-02-15T19:11:12+01:00

If no audio devices are shown at all: Did you allow Chrome to access media devices when you first launched SessionLinkPRO? If not: Click on the camera icon on the right side of the address bar and allow access. Reload the page and try again.

If other audio devices are visible but not the desired audio interface: If Pro Tools is running, please see the next appropriate section of the FAQ. Otherwise you probably have one of the few audio interfaces not compatible with SessionLinkPRO. Try a different audio interface.

Can SessionLinkPRO be used on laptops with mobile tethering?2021-02-15T19:07:11+01:00

Yes! There were successful and stable connections with both 3G and 4G networks. However, we cannot officially recommend mobile connections, as connection problems due to poor network coverage or interference cannot be ruled out. In principle, wireless LAN or – if possible – wired connections should be preferred for mobile connections!

Can I use SessionLinkPRO on WiFi?2021-02-15T19:05:38+01:00
Basically yes, but wired connections are always preferable.

telephone direction

Don't have the opportunity to be there for the recording, but still don't want to miss anything?

With us you can easily be present at the recording by telephone. You hear the session directly from the studio and can give stage directions and immediately assess whether the recording will turn out the way you want it to.

Simply call our telephone operator via the landline number at the local rate:

+49 69 348 723 10

Got any questions?

Call us! We look forward to helping you.

+49 69 95 20 88 78

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