Studio 1 | control room

The special room concept with a symmetrical floor plan ensures optimal acoustics with short reverberation times. The approximately twenty square meter control room is connected with the recording room trough by a large window so you have ideal eye contact with the artist.

The large custom-made exterior windows let daylight into all rooms, are heavily soundproofed and thus ensure a pleasantly quiet working atmosphere.

We work with speakers on site or anywhere in the world via IP-connection per SessionLinkPRO.

You can be right there while the recording, either in the studio or per telephone direction just call 069 / 348 723 10.

Studio 2 | recording room

Ideal values in the frequency response - it is hardly better. The recording room has an optimal acoustics and is optimized for voice recording, On the 15 square meters is enough space for the recording of solo instruments, as well as for shooting with several people.

For recording "on screen", the separate video signal can be transferred from the control room to the recording room.

Through the large window to the control room of the recording studio, the customer has direct eye contact with the speaker, singer or musician.

Office & Meeting

Creative breaks are an important part of a great production. We got cold drinks, hot tea, freshly ground "Stern Kaffee" from the traditional Bockenheimer roasting company "Wissmüller" and of course a very fast WIFI for our guests.

You are very welcome to really enjoy your stay at FEINTON.

Any questions?

We will be pleased to answer you!

069 / 95 20 88 78