Home recording

There are a few simple tricks for optimal voice recordings from home, home office or any other place:

A silent place

If you have a bookcase at home, this is the ideal place for your recordings. A large area with a heavy curtain also works great. Place yourself and your microphone with your back against the bookshelf or the curtain. The idea of covering all walls with nubbed foam is widespread. This is wrong , because firstly, foam only makes sense for certain frequency ranges and secondly, this material is not primarily sound-absorbing, but sound-absorbing.

Microphone and headset

You can get great results with minimal effort. For example, the included headset from a smartphone or tablet is an ideal tool for usable voice recordings, because it is made and optimized for just that. At the same time, you can hear your conversation partner through the headphones and disturbing feedback through the loudspeakers are avoided.

Recording sets

In principle you need a microphone, headphones and an usb audio interface for recordings. The quality requirements are to be assessed individually. As a rule, small, inexpensive sets are completely sufficient.

Broadcast Sets


  • Benutzen Sie ein Headset oder ein separates Mikrofon (z.B. Großmembran, Lavalier). Hier eine Auswahl an geeigneten Mikrofonen.

  • Wählen Sie einen und einen Raum mit wenig Nachhall

  • Sorgen Sie für Ruhe: Schalten Sie alle akustischen Störquellen ab, wie Telefone, Lautsprecher, Klingeln

  • Connect your device to the power grid

  • Connect your device via network cable (avoid WiFi)

  • Have any documents available

  • Provide a comfortable place to work

  • Make sure you have drinks ready, including neck candies if necessary

  • Make sure you don't wear crackling clothing or jewelry

  • Avoid large up / downloads during recording

  • Turn your phone off or activate flight mode

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